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I am an intuitive artist working with inter-dimensional communications from a realm of higher wisdom. My work transmits a vibration of unconditional love to participants, releasing blocked energy, and inviting powerful shifts of awakening and joy.

As an author I receive oracular poetry, teachings and essays, letters from the deceased and personal transmissions; translations of a high frequency energy. As a songwriter I compose cross-genre songs, chants, sound healing and spoken word pieces which cleanse the body, heal the heart and free the mind.

Please join my list and enjoy a rich weekly digest full of transmission samples, teachings, videos, songs, special offerings and events. Also receive a free welcome package including:

  • Mp3 download: Peace 2014. A powerful 11 minute sound healing chant to create deep relaxation and grounding.
  • Video: Emergence – Sound Healing Meditation.
  • Transcript: Sexual Healing Full Moon Transmission

“To anyone wondering about this woman’s power of healing. I feel the need to share my personal experience… I met her 9 or 10 years ago and was in shock by her ability to meet me and understand me. I was angry, scared and traumatized buy a hard life. I would judge others in an attempt to make myself feel better about who i was. I hurt those close to me by being self destructive. I battled addiction or just gave into it. I was closed-minded, ate terrible food and had explosive anger. I was shocked to meet a woman that never yelled, never placed blame and lived her life with the purpose to help others. She put up with so much crap from me never once judging me for it. She came from a place of understanding why we as humans do the things that would in others eyes be deemed unforgivable. She helped me to understand why these things happened. She showed me how loving myself would change these behaviors and on top of it all showed me truth in every sense of the world. My only regret is that I could not apply these teachings while she was a daily part of my life. This is not an ad. She has no clue I’m writing this but if you or someone you love is dealing with anything like this plus more please contact her. The small sum she asks to keep her small practice going is beyond worth it. She is a healer, a mother and maybe an angel. There is nothing and I mean nothing she would judge you for and she will help you understand why the actions you take despite their negativity continue. I can’t write all of how she has changed my life in one post nor do I wish to share such personal info. All I can say is that I am forever changed for the better because of the help time effort and example this woman gave me. If you are ready to be happy please let her help you. I’m not writing this for her, I’m writing it for all the people that suffer needlessly. It wont happen overnight. One session wont fix all that’s wrong, but it will be a start.  I love you Cynthia. I will never ever be able to thank you enough. Ever. Love, Emily. If she could help me she could help anyone.”
“I am struck by Cynthia’s presence during her readings, her words coming so clearly, precisely, and with beauty, even. I feel the power behind her words, and intuitively trust that she is receiving powerful guidance. She also possesses such a genuinely loving heart, truly caring about your experience. I am grateful that she has chosen to embrace her deepest gifts, as it is helping & inspiring me to do the same.” Julie Daugherty
“Having received many transmissions over the years, I have to say that I’ve always been incredibly touched by the the breadth of personal insight imbedded in each. Beyond the words themselves, there appears to be a gentle jolt of healing with each one, coded incomprehensibly for deeper healing each and every time. Subtle and powerful, they are – and although I’ve never done a count of how many I’ve requested over an almost 20 year period – (guessing 25 or more), they remain my favoured tool for consciousness-raising. Thank you beyond words!” Lizzie Shanks
“In my opinion, Adikanda is one of the most talented and prolific artists I have ever met. She is a rare and unique creative force and has become the channel for some of the most beautiful writings to be seen. All of these works seem infused with Love and Truth and the messages are always delivered with tremendous respect and care for the person. I am always struck by the power, accuracy and pertinence of these works. There is just no way Adi could have known some of the stuff she writes about, which in my view, demonstrates the clarity and clairvoyance with which she is able to receive information from her (spirit) Source. These transmissions are tremendous healing tools which can help you on your journey to self discovery.” J. Bergeron
“I have to tell you that everyone has loved their transmissions and been so touched by them. I can’t tell you how often these beautiful poems have brought me and everyone who has read them to tears. Just unbelievable.”
“Adikanda’s transmissions are very pure, focused communications from a higher plane. I have an M.Sc. from Waterloo, had my spiritual awakening 20 years ago and have been on the inner path ever since. I pieced things together fairly well in that time, or so I’d thought, but now that pales next to what has occurred over a short time due to Adikanda..”


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